I hope this year is starting off great for you all and I hope it gets better!

Welcome to my site, as you can see, I’ve updated with all the Christmas commissions of 2015!

Thank you to everyone for your support, I will be away in late March/April/May so if anyone would like to order commissions for birthdays, weddings, Mothers Day etc. NOW is the time to order but don’t forget I also do vouchers.

All you need is a top quality photo of the chosen pet (dog, cat, horse, cow, whatever you want!) , preferably a good camera and in daylight where I can see all the hairs, lashes, whiskers, eyes etc. to complete detail.

Don’t hesitate to email me anytime from anywhere. Please spread the love and tell people close to you about my work, word of mouth seems to work best I have found and the internet ofcourse. Check out my page on Facebook too!

Have a fantastic weekend, looking forward to hearing from you. xx