Christmas orders, welcome now, limited time and space left!

Hey Everyone,

It’s only 9 weeks until Christmas now, to the day infact so if you would like a portrait of your pet or to order a commission for a friend/family member etc. of any loved pet or animal, now is the time to order due to limited time and space.

I also sell vouchers so don’t hesitate to ask. If you would like to order a portrait, I need a top quality portrait photo of the chosen pet, one that represents their character, their fave toy or blanket if you wish. Preferably a natural light photo or a good quality indoors one. I need to see their nose texture, eyes, lashes, whiskers etc. It makes a big difference, trust me!

It’ll be the best gift to give someone who is animal crazy or who has recently lost their pet, a gift that will last forever. The sooner you order, the better. If you want to get it framed (sadly I can’t do but I can recommend places), you need to order ASAP so there’ll be time to get it framed before Christmas!

Contact me by email, Facebook or phone ANYTIME! All orders welcome!